EXHEAT’s all-encompassing Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) offers a variety of computational solutions for your process analysis requirements.

By utilising CFD/FEA studies during the early stages of a project, be it pre-FEED, during the main FEED study or detailed design stages, EXHEAT can assist with tailoring your thermal requirements and assisting with the design and specification of your process heaters. Should this lead to an order for our heaters, EXHEAT would be able to provide the heater as designed in a timely manner due to the prior involvement.

The analysis are not limited to just EXHEAT heaters but can be increased to include upstream and downstream pipework to confirm acceptable design, whether there is enough insulation to maintain a process temperature or if adding some additional pipework will increase the pressure drop.

Typical Analysis

  • Normal operation thermals
  • Low or zero flow fault condition
  • Heat loss along an outlet pipe
  • Design temperature selection
  • Tank heat up time or running temperatures
  • Air duct heater pressure drop
  • Element surface temperatures
  • Room heating sizing requirement

Available Solutions

  • Normal Operation
  • Low or Zero Flow Condition
  • Upstream / Downstream
  • Tank Heating
  • EXHEAT Cast Heater
  • Duct Heating
  • Room Heating