Ex e Air Duct Heaters

Product Applications
  • Air handling units
  • HVAC duct heating
  • Furnace heating
  • Space heating
  • Drying ovens

The ISE type electric heaters comprise a range of Ex e air duct heaters, custom built to meet client specification and suitable for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas.


  • Certified to ATEX or IECEx standards
  • A range of Ex e Gas Group IIC, increased safety certified duct air heaters
  • Temperature classifications T2 to T6
  • Elements are certified Ex e for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas
  • Elements are individually replaceable on site without the need for special tools
  • Terminal box is certified weatherproof to IP66 and IP67
  • Anti-condensation heater fitted if required
  • Various types of over-temperature cut-outs available, e.g. thermostats, RTD’s or thermocouples


Certifications ATEX / IECEx EX logo II 2 G
Ex e IIC T1 to T6 Gb IP67
CU TR (EAC), CCOE, CNEx, Inmetro
Terminal Box Lightweight construction, manufactured from either carbon steel (corrosion protected) or 316L stainless steel throughout
Elements Manufactured from 80/20 NiCr resistance wire with high purity compacted magnesium oxide powder sheathed with corrosion/erosion resistant tube (eg: Incoloy 800/825, 316/316L stainless steel, Inconel 600/625, 321 stainless steel, Titanium)
Special Features Where a hazardous gas is present within the duct, the elements are supplied certified Ex e for use in an ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 Area
Thermal Protection Generally over temperature protective devices are installed as follows:
Where elements are NOT in a hazardous area:
· 1 thermal cut-out per heating stage, sensing element surface temperature
· 1 thermal cut-out, sensing air temperature
Where elements ARE in a Hazardous Area:
· 3 thermal cut-outs (1 per phase), per heating stage sensing element surface temperature
· 1 thermal cut-out sensing air temperature
Note: The air temperature sensor is not required if the terminal box is thermally spaced from the duct
Supports Elements are supported in a baffle assembly to prevent flow-induced vibration
Element Fittings Elements are sealed into the mounting flange by either brass or stainless steel bushings to facilitate individual replacement of elements
Voltage Suitable for voltages up to 690V
Duct Construction Manufactured from either stainless steel or pre-galvanised sheet steel to suit the specific working environment; the element-mounted flange is designed to enable removal of the heater bundle without disturbing the remaining ductwork