Electric process heaters for high temperature applications in excess of 500°C. EXHEAT has extensive experience in material selection, thermal design and construction techniques to meet the exacting standards of various process licensors.


  • Heaters connected in series of vessels for optimal heat transfer
  • Multiple heaters allow for varying heat input across the required load
  • Process simulation for optimal design
  • Stand-off construction to meet the specification and certification requirements for terminal box temperatures
  • Heat shield and insulation discs for terminal box temperature protection
  • Use of rod-type baffles to meet heat transfer requirements whilst ensuring a very low system pressure drop
  • Direct welding of element sheath to tubesheet utilising automated orbital welding process


Design Capabilities Heaters can be designed for up to 5000kW in a single heater bundle and for process temperatures up to 800°C; process guarantees for confirmed temperatures and pressure drops
Vessel Materials Stainless steel 321/321H, Stainless steel 316 Ti, Chromoly steel
Internal Materials Alloy 600, Alloy 800, Alloy 825