EXHEAT’s control systems are manufactured at our state of the art, purpose-built facility in the United Kingdom. All our systems are built to comply with any standards and specifications required by our clients, and can be offered in numerous painted finishes to the client’s exact requirements.

Our safe area control systems can range from the simplest Auto / On / Off control systems, to containing the most advanced control logic used in burst fire / single cycle thyristor control and fully integrated software controlled logics.

EXHEAT has 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of large safe area control systems for use in many different environments, from the oil and gas industry, to onshore industrial environments.

Control System Services

  • Thyristor control system design
  • Step contactor sequence control
  • PLC programming
  • Engineering planning
  • Manufacture
  • Factory testing and quality control
  • On-site commissioning
  • Spares and after sales service