Turnkey Heating Systems

EXHEAT is an integrated solutions supplier, encompassing mechanical, electrical and electronic assembly capabilities within the same business. We have a wide product range to offer and distinguish ourselves as a custom solutions provider complete with onsite commissioning and after sales services.

EXHEAT engineered turnkey heating systems include Electric Steam Generation systems, Electric Hot Water systems and Electric Hot Oil systems complete with project specific controls and instrumentation. We design and deliver systems that:

  • Meet site specifications
  • Comply with Site and international standards
  • Fit the footprint
  • Are tested as per the client’s requirements and standards
  • Are delivered on time and within budget
  • Have low operation and maintenance cost

Our engineers will work with you to ensure the following are fulfilled:

  • Equipment specification
  • 3D Models & GA Drawings
  • Control Philosophy
  • Maintainability & Operability
  • Compliance to all relevant standards
  • Factory Acceptance Testing


Advantages of Electric Heater Systems over Traditional Gas / Oil Fired Systems

Electric heaters work under the same principle as traditional gas or oil fired heaters, other than the fact that they use electricity to heat the process rather than gas. This makes them an ideal option for sites where there is no access to mains gas supply or which have environmental restrictions, such as emission controls, noise limits etc.

One of the biggest advantage of electric heating systems is their energy efficiency, with around a 99% efficiency rate for the user. They do not require burning of fossil fuels to produce heat, hence no heat is lost through waste gases via flues or chimneys. Other major advantages include its compact size, accurate temperature controls, low maintenance, less noise and no emissions.

EXHEAT is a company possessing all the necessary experience to produce custom engineered turnkey heating systems of high quality. Our exposure to clients from various industries (refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation, gas processing plants and LNG among others) has enabled us to share process and engineering experience from different fields. We assist clients to consider and select unique solutions for their specific project and process challenges.

Drawing on our years of engineering experience and expertise across various divisions, EXHEAT's team of engineers takes customer requirements from concept stage through to completion and site commissioning.

In addition, over the years EXHEAT has developed a wide variety of best in class sub vendors, resulting in customised equipment suited for the task at hand and delivering high efficiency, reliability and process guarantee.

EXHEAT's commitment to produce the right product for your application, using years of mechanical, electrical and electronic design expertise, is your guarantee that any turnkey heating system we supply and commission will meet your project and process requirements.