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File Name File Size
EX Services Company Brochure (English) 659.08KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Deutsch) 3673.92KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (English) 3727.78KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Español) 3626.04KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Italiano) 3615.18KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Le Français) 3681.65KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Norsk) 3621.41KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Português) 3828.63KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (Pусский) 2083.21KB
EXHEAT Company Brochure (中文) 2184.85KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (Deutsch) 898.89KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (English) 914.19KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (Español) 2677.85KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (Italiano) 2633.1KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (Le Français) 903.88KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (Pусский) 2840.79KB
EXHEAT Industrial Standard Products Brochure (中文) 2805.54KB

Datasheets - Engineered Heating Systems

File Name File Size
Air Duct Heater - Ex e Air Duct. Datasheet 358.45KB
Computational Flow Analysis. Datasheet 686.27KB
Process Heater - BFP Immersion. Datasheet 251.98KB
Process Heater - BFP Process. Datasheet 228.48KB
Process Heater - Cast (Engineered). Datasheet 397.66KB
Process Heater - Cast (Standard). Datasheet 310.47KB
Process Heater - FP / BFP Core. Datasheet 175.24KB
Process Heater - FP Immersion. Datasheet 244.55KB
Process Heater - FP Process. Datasheet 279.03KB
Process Heater - High Temperature Applications. Datasheet 214.71KB
Process Heater - ISES Immersion. Datasheet 225.57KB
Process Heater - ISES Process. Datasheet 181.86KB
Process Heater - L Immersion. Datasheet 271.15KB
Process Heater - PEGH. Datasheet 206.43KB
Process Heater - PEOH. Datasheet 137.87KB

Datasheets - Industrial Standard Products

File Name File Size
Air Heater - FAW. Datasheet 544.57KB
Air Heater - FCR. Datasheet 625.6KB
Air Heater - FLR. Datasheet 323.86KB
Air Heater - FUH. Datasheet 639.69KB
Air Heater - FWD-T. Datasheet 421.48KB
Air Heater - FWD. Datasheet 391.74KB
Air Heater - FX Fixed Duty. Datasheet 105.51KB
Air Heater - FX Self-Regulating. Datasheet 106.35KB
Air Heater - FXE. Datasheet 171.16KB
Air Heater - FXS Block. Datasheet 363.57KB
Air Heater - FXS. Datasheet 350.72KB
Air Heater - FXT. Datasheet 349.05KB
Air Heater - HEF. Datasheet 543.1KB
Air Heater - STW. Datasheet 250.26KB
Fan Heater Brochure - MFH/LFH/XLFH 476.81KB
Immersion Heater - FP Rod-Type. Datasheet 544.29KB
Immersion Heater - FP-C. Datasheet 528.77KB
Immersion Heater - FP-CA. Datasheet 627.52KB
Immersion Heater - HB Removable Core-Type. Datasheet 609.17KB
Immersion Heater - HB Rod-Type. Datasheet 575.82KB
Immersion Heater - HFY. Datasheet 669.63KB
Immersion Heater - HRF. Datasheet 902.05KB
Immersion Heater - RFA Rod-Type. Datasheet 557.99KB
Immersion Heater - RFA-C. Datasheet 477.02KB
Immersion Heater - RFA-CA. Datasheet 648.02KB
Immersion Heater -HC. Datasheet 251.27KB
Line Heater - Ex d Flameproof. Datasheet 506.64KB
Line Heater - FP-MLH. Datasheet 561.12KB
Line Heater - HEOL. Datasheet 262.73KB
Line Heater - HEWL. Datasheet 265.11KB
Thermostat - AFT. Datasheet 499.91KB
Thermostat - FXT-D. Datasheet 377.42KB
Thermostat - FXT-M. Datasheet 441.35KB
Thermostat - HFT. Datasheet 922.58KB
Thermostat - HIH. Datasheet 529.52KB
Thermostat - RFT. Datasheet 1187.64KB
Water Heater - FP-U. Datasheet 830.82KB
Water Heater - PIH. Datasheet 744.02KB

Reference Letters and Customer Testimonials

File Name File Size
Air Products Reference Letter 294.57KB
Best Energy (Tianjin) Reference Letter 243.42KB
Global Process Systems Reference Letter 39.26KB
OGS Reference Letter 3633KB
S Thartius Engineering Contractors Reference Letter 407.13KB
Terrence Energy Reference Letter 137.42KB


File Name File Size
Experience List: Cast Heaters 11.57KB
Experience List: Oil Heaters 15.06KB
Infographic: PEOH 949.28KB
Installation Manual: AFT, HFT 418.56KB
Installation Manual: EXHEAT Industrial Heaters 43.4KB
Installation Manual: FAW, FCR, STW, HFT, AFT 5455.96KB
Installation Manual: FLR 4829.05KB
Installation Manual: FP-Type Immersion Heaters 322.57KB
Installation Manual: FUH 102.27KB
Installation Manual: FWD 203.91KB
Installation Manual: FX, FXT 949.48KB
Installation Manual: FXE, FXT 27.77KB
Installation Manual: HEF 50.68KB
Installation Manual: HIH 29.68KB
Installation Manual: LFH, XLFH 660.11KB
Installation Manual: MFH 1756.16KB
Installation Manual: MFH Ducting 361.9KB
Wiring Diagram: FP-C Nine Core 822.19KB
Wiring Diagram: FP-C Single Core 455.52KB
Wiring Diagram: FP-C Six Core 782.94KB
Wiring Diagram: FP-C Three Core 484.98KB
Wiring Diagram: FP-C Two Core 481.78KB
Wiring Diagram: RFA Flanged Stand-Off Type 192.55KB
Wiring Diagram: RFA Flanged Type 183.39KB
Wiring Diagram: RFA Stand-Off Type 188.66KB
Wiring Diagram: RFA-C 94.02KB
Wiring Diagram: RFA-C Boss Stand-Off Type 668.98KB
Wiring Diagram: RFA-C Flanged Stand-Off Type 140.66KB