Project Management

With a proven track-record of providing superior electric heating and control system packages for a vast number of projects all across the world, EXHEAT has the experience needed to implement and integrate with even the most complex project architectures, allowing our clients to achieve their desired target objectives.

Management Phases

EXHEAT assigns an experienced and qualified team of engineers and draught-persons to each project to implement and manage the following:

  • Commissioning
  • Customer care and after sales
  • Documentation
  • Electrical documentation
  • Engineering
  • Factory testing and quality control
  • Manufacture
  • Packing and transportation
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Worldwide servicing

Typical Project Management Process

A project typically managed by EXHEAT goes through the following procedures:

  • Engineering c/w nozzle load
  • Vessel drawing finalizing
  • Heater drawing approval
  • Procurement
  • Pressure vessels
  • Design c/w nozzle load engineering and drawing finalizing
  • Design approval
  • Material procurement and manufacturing
  • Heater assembly
  • Heater final testing, inspection and quality control
  • Packing / preservation
  • Ready for shipment